Director Statement

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 16.41.59I believe that dance can sometimes say more than words concerning emotions and political topics and that a narrative dance film can merge new choreography, music and current social issues.
Encouraging women is also important to me and as a director, I felt empowered to let my own visions come to life.
Before enrolling in college I was a ballet dancer with the professional track program of State Street Ballet and Joffrey Ballet in New York. Hence, I see directing as choreography on the screen. My film is narrative, yet it includes a lot of choreographies that are essential to the storyline.
My film Giselle is a modern adaptation of a ballet and follows the story of a young Syrian refugee who falls in love with a charming but career driven American businessman and politician who promises her safety and love but ultimately doesn´t stick to his promises. I hope my film will encourage people to feel more empathy towards each other, which is especially important in this current society, and that it will draw attention to the importance of empowering women and issues in our society whilst showing entertaining and cutting edge choreography. I plan on turning Giselle, the short film into a Feature as I believe that my screenplay is particularly relevant at this moment as it tackles current issues in our culture such as diversity, and the clash between social classes. Furthermore, adding dance to the mix will make it an entertaining film while conveying its deeper message.